QUEEN Size Doppelflex MX2 Adjustable + DW 200 Mattress Package (28% Off MSRP!) A Firm Adjustable System with a Firm, not Hard, Mattress for more Back Support.

This is a Queen (2 Independent Half Queen Systems w/separate mattresses) package deal which consists of the Doppelflex MX2 and the DW 200 Mattress (firm). Does not include Bed Frame!

The Doppelflex MX2 is an adjustable system with 2 motors for a Twin XL system with firmness adjustable slats for the back and lumbar areas. There are 28 slats for each Twin XL side. Every two slats are suspended by rubberized supports at the ends of each slat which flex to contour to your body shape. 6 of the slats in the lumbar/back area can be firmed up or softened by moving 12 rubberized firmness adjusters. The higher number of slats allow a 10 percent increase in shaping to your body shape.

The DW 200 is a mattress with a multi-layered cold foam/polyurethane foam core. The mattress cover – made from Tencel, fabric woven from the Eucalyptus tree, has superior perspiration absorptive properties. The 2 inch, Hi-tech weave/cushion cover wicks away moisture, is very breathable and contours well for the shoulder and back.   

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