Alles Sofa w/Bran Wood Finish & Napa Fabric (50% Off MSRP!)

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Wood Finish: Bran

Fabric Color: Napa

The multifunctional Alles Sofa bed folds into a sofa, chaise lounge, daybed, and side table. 

The Alles Sofa is a Solid Oak extendable sofa that can be configured into an armchair or table/sofa piece. It is suitable for a guest bed and it has a small footprint when collapsed into an armchair.  It can be situated outdoors on a patio or placed in an office -cum- guestroom.  Two Alles sofas can be placed side-by-side to make a Queen bed or placed at right angles to make an L-shape sofa.   

The seating cushions can be made from feather, foam, micro-springs, and latex. We offer a wide choice of fabrics.

The Alles Sofa frame is made of solid oak wood and treated with a natural oil finish that is VOC-free. The plant-based oil finish is non-polluting, and is LEED-certified for Low-Emitting Adhesives & Sealants. The finish provides a subtle luster that reveals and complements, rather that covers, the natural grain and patina of the wood.

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